The Australian ecommerce market

The ecommerce sector of Australia has had impressive growth. In 2017, it grew by 10 % to $10.5 billion, and this year it is predicted to grow to $11.7 billion, an 11.7% increase.

The high  penetration  of internet connected devices  (over 85% of Australians have internet access and  19.4 million have mobile phones ) and a strong economy are driving the growth in ecommerce.

The Australian grocery market

The annual Grocery market is currently  valued at $102.8 billion – the vast majority of which ($89.8 billion) is spent at supermarkets. Woolworths’ market share is 37.1%  while Coles is 32.5% and ALDI was 12.3%.

The Australian e-grocery market

The e-grocery market in Australia is dominated by the above three major players. Australian online grocery grew seven times faster than the total market last year. Analysis by the Nielsen Company predicts that online consumer spending will inject up to $2 billion of sales into the Australian grocery industry over the next five years.

Navion Technologies is currently building an e-grocery platform that implements innovations which currently do not exist.  This innovative platform will provide a strategic advantage to WooMee,  Navions own e-grocer.