Notifications & reports

Fax broadcast notification / reports:

At the end of each fax broadcast an email notification will be generated and sent to you. The email notification provides you extensive reports on the results of each fax broadcast. They contain :

  • A summary report (in text format) of the fax broadcast, provided in the body of your email. This information included the total number of fax destinations attempted, sent and failed.
  • A report containing ACMA, Do Not Call registered numbers, these numbers were removed from your list prior to the fax broadcast being sent.
  • A report containing a record of all destinations that failed and reason why. It is provided as a text attachment to the summary report
Month end reports:

At the end of each billing cycle an invoice will be emailed to you, attached to this email will be a summary report which contains all your broadcast sent during the month. Information includes, date & time of the fax broadcast, number of pages, number of destination sent, and the name of the document.