Fax Mail Merge

Fax Mail merge enables you to personalize each fax document sent in your broadcast. Personalized fax documents are a more effective way of grabbing the attention of the fax recipient.

Using Fax Mail merge, you can create personalized faxes. The advantage of using Fax Mail merge is that you can add customized fields. These fields may include, recipients name, phone number, fax number, salutation, address, account number, invoice number, product description, product price, in fact, any unique data you may want to insert in each recipients fax document.  Such information can be mail merged to generate personalized documents such as a fax coverpage or as complex as an Invoice.

Personalizing a fax improves your ability to get your fax read many times over. Think about when you are going through your mail, which one do you open first? The answer of course are letters addressed to you, by your name. It’s no different with fax marketing, use their name and you will get the recipients attention.