Why we do not provide marketing lists:

Do you value the security of your list? Is it important to you that the data in your fax or SMS list is secure and NOT harvested to eventually be resold to your competitors? If you answer yes to either of these two question, then you need to consider Navion Technologies as your fax broadcast provider of choice.

Unlike most of our competitors, Navion Technologies does not provide or sell any type of list, nor do we plan to in the future, all our customers must provide their own lists.  This is a business decision to ensure no conflict of interest exists,  by not providing marketing lists with our broadcast services customers are assured their data will not be harvested and provided to third parties. We believe this to be the ultimate guarantee of the security of your data.

Some facts about marketing lists.

The following information is provided to help you navigate what can be a challenging endeavor, obtaining a good  marketing list.  As we have stated we do not provide or resell  lists, but we have been around long enough to share this information with you.

Home grown marketing lists are the best 

  • Your marketing list which is made up of existing and potential customer should be one of your businesses most important assets.  Updating and developing this list in-house should be a major priority of any organisation seeking to succeed in business.  There is no substitute for a home grown list, the more information you have on your customers or potential customers the better equipped you will be to sell products or services to them.

If you have to purchase a marking list buy quality

  • Often lists need to be purchased, these lists tend to fall into two categories, expensive and cheap or even free lists… Our advice here is you pay for what you get. The more expensive lists provide data integrity, this means that the data in the list is checked and updated on a regular basis.  This process involves Validating each existing record on a regular basis,  investigating errors and Updating  the records.  It  is a very time consuming process which  involves sophisticated data matching  techniques  and lots of manpower, that is why quality lists are expensive.

Get as much information as you can in a list – “names” are important. 

  • You need more than just a company name.  Always try and target an individual within the organisation by addressing  them by their name. Think about when you are going through your mail, which one do you open first? The answer of course are letters addressed to you, by your name.  It’s no different with fax or SMS marketing, use their name and you will get their attention, don’t use their name and the likely outcome is that your message will end up in the thrash.

Be wary of anyone claiming they have access to over 1 millon Australian fax numbers

  • The number of Australian fax numbers is sub 1 million, our experience indicates the number of unique fax numbers is closer to 700k