SMS Broadcast

Navion's SMS Broadcast service is one of the fastest growing ways to reach out to your customers. Today, mobiles are the most used communication device in Australia, here are the statistics from ACMA :

- At June 2013, there were 31.09 million mobile services in operation in Australia,
- At May 2013, 11.19 million people had a smartphone,
- During June 2013, 7.5 million Australians accessed the internet via their mobiles, an increase of 33% from June 2012.

The ubiquitousness of the mobile phone and the fact most people are attached to them everywhere they go makes SMS a highly effective and personal way to communicate with your customers, it is the perfect format for sending marketing and business related information.

Marketing SMS’s may include:

  • Alerts (products, promotions)
  • Event messaging
  • In-store promotions
  • Mobile marketing opt-ins

Business related SMS’s may include:

  • Payment reminders as invoice due date approaches
  • Late payment reminders
  • Time critical Operational information
  • Confirmations (security, payments and orders)

The advantages of SMS:

- They are read within minutes of receiving them, there is no better way to get time critical information to your customers
- It's simple and fast, there's no need for fancy artwork just a well thought out message that can be sent to thousands in just seconds
- It has a staggeringly high open rate. Almost every SMS sent is read, whereas only a fraction of emails sent are read
- It unlike email is not burdened by spam or other email filters.
- It has a high Conversion rate when compared to other marketing or promotion strategies